ANSI v1.4.2 released

ANSI 1.4.2 has been released.

The ANSI project is a superlative collection of ANSI escape code related
libraries enabling ANSI colorization and stylization of console output.
Byte for byte ANSI is the best ANSI code library available for the Ruby
programming language.

ANSI chains are a new feature inspired by Kazuyoshi T.'s Isna
project. It is a fluid notation for the String#ansi method, e.g.
"foo".red.on_white. Also, ASNI now supports “smart codes”, preventing
previously applied codes from undermining the applicaiton of additional
codes --a subtle issue that most other ANSI libraries overlook. Plus a
few other improvements including that of the API documentation.


  • Add ANSI::Chains, extending String#ansi method.
  • Support smart code application.
  • Add Diff#to_a and shortcut to it via Diff.diff().
  • Improve #colorize method in ProgressBar.
  • Change ProgressBar’s default mark to | instead of o.
  • Fix Curses return order of screen cols and rows.
  • Support center alignment in Columns.
  • Support custom padding for Columns.