Another problem with scaffold


me another fresh man of ROR
also using “agile web development with rails” as a reference book

I got problem with scaffold now
I use Rails2.0.2,ruby 1.8,apatana platform , generate the products
controller and the product model
It seems work perfectly

but when I try to add a new action name “ship” into the controller and
a new page names “ship.rhtml” corresponding to it
things goes wrong, it looks like this:

ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in ProductsController #show

Couldn’t find Product with ID=ship

the probelm is , it's not an ID I input , i want it to be an action

what can i do to avoid this problem? or just abandom scaffold ?

On May 8, 10:06 am, stone [email protected] wrote:


It’s a problem with your routes and the fact that you are using a non-
RESTful action name. If you want to remain true to RESTful
conventions, you should probably create a shipping controller. If you
want to keep the action in your current controller, you will need to
add a specific route to your routes.rb file.