Another newbee question

Hi all

With your help I have accomplished the following:
Installed gnuradio and able to use grc. (I have the USRP and the
I am able to run the FM radio example and it works great. I have also
figured how to add scope and water fall sinks.

I am having problems in building an AM broadcast band receiver, I am
able to
set up the USRP source and FTT sink. It appears that the AM band
spectrum is
visible in the FTT sink. The problems arise when I try to add AM demod
audio sink. My questions are: What grc blocks (and their parameters) do
use to build an AM broadcast band receiver? An SSB receiver? A TV? and a

I spent hours trying to build the AM receiver to no success. I have also
spent several hours searching the web.
Is there a web site that presents the grc blocks needed to build the

Thank you very much,