Another Issue - don't get sick of me yet

Ok this is happened to me a couple of times now and can’t seem to
figure out how or why. This goes back to my issue of creating tables
based off of an item that is created. First I have this code:

ActiveRecord::Schema.define do
create_table(itemtablename, :options => ‘ENGINE=InnoDB
DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8’) do |t|
t.column :field_type, :string, :null => false
t.column :item_text, :text, :null => false
t.column :required, :tinyint, :null => false, :default => ‘0’
t.column :image, :text, :null => true

now I tried to use this statement in both my controller and my model:


but I would get a undefined method `create_table’ for
ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::SchemaStatements:Module error.

I am having the same issue with running the


command. I am trying to add data to the table that i created and the
only way I can tell how to do that is by doing everything manual as
the table names are going to be changing based on what item the user
is creating or editing.

I am connecting to a MySQL 5 db which as of right now is what we plan
to run in production and I did install the mysql adapter (at least I
think I did as it told me I successfully installed it.)

How do I reference a different module?

sorry for the dumb question but this is really starting to get on my
nerves. I feel like I am so close yet so far away.


why not just use one table to hold ALL items? then you don’t have to
about all this dynamic table creation stuff.

This is more a question for the more experienced among us: Are there
any situations when dynamic table creation is a preferred technique? I
have a sneaking suspicion that anything that can be done by dynamically
creating tables can be replicated with a static structure, but is it
ever better not to?


after rethinking the design of the database and the app this is the
route I am going to go.