Announcing the beta of Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition

(I know this is the RUby list, and I won;t post here again about the
book. But I know many Rails developers who read this list but not the
Rails one…)

If a dog year is 7 human years, then a Rails year is a lifetime.

Things keep changing—the core team add new features (and remove old
ones…), and we all learn new idioms and patterns for writing Rails

So the time has come to refresh Agile Web D. with Rails.

But this isn’t a regular “dust off the API” update. This one’s big.

Because Sam Ruby (yes, he of the REST book fame) has come on board,
and will be shepherding this new edition through to its final form.

So far, he has gone through the Depot application chapters and updated
them for Rails 2. Over time, the whole book will be getting the same
treatment. Sam brings an incredible amount of experience to this, so
we’ll see a book full of fresh insights on writing totally up-to-date
web applications.

We’re in beta as of today. That means that you can buy the PDF now,
and we’ll update as new material becomes available. It’s a blended
beta, which means the second edition content is in there alongside the
third edition—the new content has red page headings, the old gray. You
can also get a discount of the paper book when it finally comes out by
buying the paper book as part of a combo pack.

Now, we know that some people want paper NOW! So we’re trying an
experiment. Most of the second edition book is still relevant to Rails
2, so we’re making the second edition paper book available for
purchase at 50% off. That way you can use it while waiting for the
third edition to arrive.

And, if you bought the second edition from us in paper or PDF form
within the last 45 days, log into your account on our site to receive
a coupon for a free upgrade to the third edition.



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