Announcing new gr-gsm project

Dear all,

I was working for some time on a project of a set of GNU Radio tools for
receiving GSM transmissions. As the project reached the point where it
might be useful for the community I have decided to officially announce
it. It is available on github with short installation and usage guides:

Currently there is one gr-gsm application that should work out of the
box and it is a more reliable replacement of Airprobe. The gr-gsm has
some similarities with it. The GSM receiver that I used is considerably
corrected version of the receiver that I’ve long time ago written for
the Airprobe project but with removed Airprobe’s stuff that shouldn’t be
mixed with the receiver (like decryption, decoding). However the goal of
the project is broader and it is to provide a set of tools for people
interested in processing of GSM signal in GNU Radio. For example -
another possible applications of gr-gsm are GSM network monitor or
frequency offset calibrator.

For people who want to see the application in action without installing
it I’ve prepared a short video presentation:

If anyone is interested in developing something for/with use of the
project I can provide help and information about the project’s internals
by e-mail.

Best Regards,
Piotr K.