Announcing Multisite Plugin for Rails 2.0

I’ve been working on this for a while, and gotten interest from
several people, so I’m posting an announcement here. Building on the
work of John L.'s multiple controller view paths in Rails core, I’ve
created a plugin for customizing templates on a per-site basis for a
single Rails app.

I also want to credit Matt McCray (and Tobias Lütke in turn) for his
Theme Support plugin which was my inspiration, and how I accomplished
similar goals in older versions of Rails (1.2.x and earlier)

This plugin does absolutely require edge Rails, but it’s also a very
very clean design. If you need to do something similar on Rails
1.2.3, I have a patched version of Theme Support that I am also
planning on writing up at some point.

Anyway, the writeup and project link is here:

Gabe da Silveira