Announcing MarkaBoo 0.7.3 - Bookmark Exporting, Advanced Edi

Lots of goodies in this new release. Here’s a rundown:

* Bookmark exporting

  By popular demand, we've added the ability to export your

bookmarks in browser-friendly format. Clicking on the export link
produces a page you can save to your Desktop and import into your
browser. We organize the bookmarks into three categories for you:
Notes, Files, and Websites. Firefox Users: make sure to save the page
as Website, HTML only not Website, Complete. Complete mode does weird
stuff to the ugly tag soup that is Netscape-Bookmark-File-1.

* Advanced Editing Mode

  One of the hardest things to do in any application is to

simultaneously accomodate sophisticated users and novices. The original
version of Note bookmarks aimed for the lowest common denominator. The
FCKeditor makes it easy for anyone who can use a word processor to
create content. Bloggers and coders, however, usually prefer tools that
give them greater control. With this release we’ve added an Advanced
Mode for editing. Using this mode you can paste code and get pretty
syntax highlighting for a large number of languages - including Ruby.
:slight_smile: You can also choose to save your text as plain text, Markdown,
Textile, or HTML.

* Better IE Support

  PNGs have been converted to GIFs and the ugly black strip at the

top is gone. A better bookmarklet rounds out the list of UI
enhancements targeted at users of Internet Explorer.

* Slimmer bookmark listing

  We got a lot of feedback telling us the listings were too meaty.

We slimmed down the listing while preserving the information, so check
it out and let us know what you think!

* Tons of little performance enhancements and bugfixes

  We've fixed a lot of little things, and tuned some more

queries. Performance optimization is an ongoing processes in any
application, and MarkaBoo is no exception. It’s quite interesting to
see how differently databases behave with a few million rows of data
versus a few thousand. If there’s any lesson we’ve learned with
MarkaBoo, it’s to make sure you generate lots of test data during
development to get a true picture of what performance will be like in

* Refactoring and [ gasp ] testing

  We've started to payback some of the technical debt we'd

accrued in our transition from prototype to real-world project.
Refactoring has begun in the Resources Controller (we’ve already
consolidated a handful of action methods and views), but we’ve a long
way to go here. All unit tests should pass, but coverage is not 100%
and there’s a test that needs a mock for the filesystem instead of
actually copying files around.

You can see all the new features in action by heading over to MarkaBoo
( ) or browse the source code over at our
Rubyforge Project ( ).