Announcing JRubyconf EU in Berlin this August 14-15

Last year was our first JRubyconf in Europe. It was a single day
event to the Eurucamp conference. The talks were great and covered
like JRuby performance, deployment, mobile-development, and more… The
attendees also had a chance to meet other JRubyists and exchange
in a casual face-to-face way. It ended up being a great event. So
in fact, that we decided to do it again!

This year we plan on taking it up a notch. JRubyconfEU 2013 is a
standalone conference which will be on August 14-15. Two full days of
JRuby talks and activities in beautiful Berlin.

If you are a Rubyist interested in deploying your existing application
JRuby then you will learn all you wanted to know and more. If you are a
Java programmer and want to learn more about integrating Ruby into your
projects/architectures then coming here will be the best decision you
make. There will be a good mix of JRuby topics and a friendly mix of
JRuby experts on-hand. A good time will be had by all.

See you in August…