Announcing iron-term-ansicolor 0.0.1

I’d like to annouce the release of iron-term-ansicolor, a port of
term-ansicolor for IronRuby that makes use of the .Net BCL to get
output in the terminal window.

I must give much of the credit to David Blackmon, who took the seed of
I started and ran with it, and Ivan Porto C., who integrated and
refactored David’s work into the code base. This release would not be
possible without them. Thank you very much, David & Ivan!

Sources are on GitHub: GitHub - hotgazpacho/iron-term-ansicolor: term-ansicolor for IronRuby using .Net framework libraries is on GemCutter: | your community gem host
Install instructions are on the wiki at GitHub:

Known Issues:

With version 0.0.1, iron-term-ansicolor only works for the very simple
cases of changing the foregroud or the background color, but not both
the same time. Specs and patches to implement the feature are welcome!

You feedback and patches are most welcomed!