Announcing IN COMMON API


I’ve been working on a JSONAPI-compliant Rails 5.2 API to identify, promote, and defend the Commons. Today I’ve put it live on

The code can be found at Incommon / incommon-api · GitLab.

It uses the following gems (not exhaustive):

It’s still in its infancy and much functionality is missing (as well as a proper ChangeLog) but it’s a start. I’m eager to receive constructive criticism and pull requests! If you’re a Rails developer near Brussels, please chime in! We’re meeting every Tuesday morning for a bit of work together but right now I’m the only Ruby dev, and that needs to change – I have a pretty opinionated way of looking at this development and I know some code might seem clunky. Do not hesitate to criticize it!

The more open issues, the easier to dance together!