Announcing GrExtras family of JIT blocks - clang + llvm, orc, opencl

Hey all,

The JIT Blocks in GrExtras just keep growing (now its a family):

  • I mentioned the OpenCl block in a previous email:
    Opencl · guruofquality/grextras Wiki · GitHub

  • There is now and ORC block as well. One can specify SIMD kernels in
    the ORC high level assembly language. The block will compile at runtime
    a routine optimized for the SIMD units within your CPU:
    Blocks · guruofquality/grextras Wiki · GitHub

  • And my new favorite (this one took me all weekend). The clang block!
    With this block you can write full C++ blocks without bothering with
    compilers, swig, cmake, modtool… Simply feed the block with C++ source
    and options; and the block is compiled and constructed at runtime. There
    is even a GRC wrapper for this block which exposes simple options and
    access to properties. One could make an entire flow graph with nice fast
    C++ JIT blocks and not touch any compilers :slight_smile:

For dependencies, build instructions, and basic usage, see:

Enjoy the blocks!