Announcing GNU Radio Conference 2014 and Call for Presentations


I am happy and excited to announce the GNU Radio Conference 2014 and its
associated Call for Presentations. Last year we received great feedback
the conference, and we expect the conference to be even better this
Here are some highlights:

     *Date: *September 15-19, 2014

     *Location: *The District Architecture Center Washington, DC (USA) - an interesting, modern
event facility. Unlike
previous conference values, we will be renting out an entire floor and
have access to several divided spaces that will allow us to add new
components to the conference.

     *Attendance:*  We are expecting to have somewhere between 120 

150 attendees this year - a significant increase over past years.

     *New Components: *Hacker/demo space, poster session, 'New

Developers Day’ to attract new/beginner users, an open lounge for people
socialize and mingle.

     *Daily Working Groups:* We received a ton of positive feedback 

the working groups we kicked off last year. To provide more
for users to make contributions and interact with other developers, we
plan for working group sessions each day.

For more information, visit the GNU Radio Conference 2014
A preliminary agenda will be posted soon.

Call for Presentations and Tutorials

If you would like to showcase your latest work with GNU Radio or help
spread your software-defined radio knowledge, please submit an
The submission period will close on April 4, and we will announce the
selected presentations on April 14. Michael D. and Tom R.
be leading the selection process.

Best Regards,
John M.
GNU Radio Conference Chair

I also forgot a very important “Thank You” to Tim O’ Shea, who visited
conference venues in person and help us pick the one that was right for
this event.

Thanks, Tim!