Announcing: Ext Scaffold Generator Plugin for Rails

The Ext Scaffold Generator Plugin can be viewed as a drop-in
replacement for Rails’ standard Resource Generator. Accepting the very
same options, it will generate views using data grid and form
components from the Ext JS Javascript GUI framework as well as a
controller acting as an Ext-compatible JSON web service. The generated
code can be used as a starting point for further implementation and
outlines solutions on how to integrate the Ext JS library with Rails
as a backend.

The Ext JS framework got a lot of attention lately as it offers very
sophisticated GUI components for web application development. Ext JS
is huge. It provides just about any component for developing Rich
Internet Applications.

Find all details and further material on


Very very nice. Way to go!

On Jan 18, 2008 10:07 AM, Martin R. [email protected]