Announcing availability of New SDR Receiver ASRP3

Dear All,

Greetings from Agile Solutions.

We are pleased to
announce ASRP3, a Wideband SDR Receiver.

ASRP3 is built with new
capabilities for streaming IQ samples upto 100MSPS to PC using latest
USB 3.0 interface. The board comes with driver support for
Window/Linux/MAC. API’s library are available in C++ and C#.

ASRP3 is
integrated with SDRSHARP which provides a great GUI for SDR with lot of
filtering options, demod’s(AM/FM/WFM/CW), Spectrum Analyzer.

ASRP3 is
also directly integrated with MATLAB which helps rapidly testing
algorithms with over the air signals. Matlab built in functions are
available (ASRP3_IQ_Source.m, Set_RF_Freq.m, Set_RF_Gain.m,
Set_Sampling_Freq.m, Set_Bandwidth.m).

We welcome any volunteer’s for
building GNURADIO wrapper for ASRP3. We are giving away few boards for
this development. Interested people do write to us at
[email protected].

For more details please check our

Thanks and Regards

Akash Kosgi

Agile Solutions