[Announce] The Lucid Arts Project

After more than five months of development, we are pleased to finally
have a range of paid packages available for artists wishing to sign-up
to the Lucid Arts Project.

People can sign-up to any plan for a no-obligation 30-day FREE trial
and the free plan will always be just that; free. Paid plans start at
$20 per month and give an artist 25 works and unlimited collections.

Check it out at http://www.lucidarts.org.nz/signup/

The Lucid Arts Project is a hosted web application that enables
artists to create and manage their own websites. You can upload works,
create online galleries (collections of works), and sell your works
without the need for your own merchant bank account. You don’t even
need to have a credit card to accept payments from buyers anywhere in
the world. Members are welcome from anywhere in the world and the site
is not restricted or limited to New Zealand members.

The information and development blog is available at

We are still in the early stages and are very open to feedback,
comments and suggestions.

Oh, by the way, the link I provided is not an automatic sign-up link
or anything like that. It simply shows the plans.

I should have simply provided the link to the homepage,

Sorry if I caused any confusion.