ANNOUNCE: Rucola 0.5 released


I’ve just released Rucola 0.5

Rucola is a light weight framework that helps you write RubyCocoa apps.
It allows you to build, test, and deploy applications using rake
eliminating the need to use XCode for the most common tasks.

Rucola provides a set of generators to help you generate controllers,
window controllers,
and document-based applications. It also provides APIs for
simplifying some of Objective-C’s
ways of doing things.

New in this release:
Dependency resolver:

  • You can now specify your dependencies in environment.rb and they
    will resolved and vendored in release mode.
    This applies to gems and any other ruby lib. Because of this
    agnostic system there might still be some edge cases, for this purpose
    there’s the possibility to specify exceptions.
  • In release mode RubyGems will NOT be loaded even if it’s required at
    some point. This results in application startup time going from ~3
    bounces in the dock to ~1.


  • Added rake task for packaging a release build in a dmg
  • Added rake task for uploading via scp, adding others is easy.
  • Added rake task for creating a Sparkle appcast file.
  • Added rake task that looks for textile files in ReleaseNotes/
    AppName_Version and creates HTML for Sparkle.


  • Added Rucola::FSEvents which is a rubyesque wrapper around FSEvents.
  • Added Rucola::Reloader, which uses Rucola::FSEvents to watch the app/
    controllers path for modifications and reloads the class.
    In debug mode this will be enabled by default, you can override
    this setting on the config of Initializer.
  • Added the Rucola::Log class and an extension to Kernel to access it
    easily. (Manfred Stienstra)
  • Added Rucola::TestCase which is a test case mixin, like the one in
    Rails, which sets up a test case for a controller, defines helper
    methods and creates stubs for all ib_outlets that are defined in the
  • Added support for ruby-debug. If a call is made to Kernel.debugger
    and the RUBYCOCOA_ENV is ‘debug’, then the ruby-debug library will be
    required and ran.
  • NSImage.imageNamed will also look in app/assets for a given image
  • Added a script/console script which will run a irb console with the
    application loaded. (Jelle Helsen)
  • Added a simple model generator, which is simply a subclass of


WOW. seems cool !
Thanks !

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 10:08 AM, Eloy D. [email protected]

On Jul 11, 5:08 am, Eloy D. [email protected] wrote:

window controllers,
there’s the possibility to specify exceptions.

methods and creates stubs for all ib_outlets that are defined in the


Sounds like a good release, Eloy. It was definitely too long to wait
to get a Ruby wrapper for FSEvents, though. :wink: And, of course, it’s
silly to make Rucola a dependency only to use its nice FSEvents

Lately I’ve been pushing out of the pure-Ruby shell I seem to have
grown around myself. Playing around with Dashcode yesterday was fun
enough, and now this Rucola release makes me want to invent a problem
I can solve with a RubyCocoa app.

Keep up the good work.