ANNOUNCE: - feeds collection for Rails developers

As a learner, I subscribed many blogs with Google Reader to catch up
on news in Rails community, but the never-stop message flow
overwhelmed me soon. The feature I really want is to discover what’s
new and what’s hot with ease. Twitter might be a good choice, but for
me, the information gathered there conveys too much noise, not
mentioned that the site has been banned in China, where I’m living my
whole life. So it could be better to create my special service to
fulfill my own needs.

Instead of building another general purpose online feed reader–there
are too many there–I want it to be as simple as possible. It fetches
feeds regularly for displaying links, and counts views for each
article for sorting by popularity, that’s it.

Now is up and running, you can take a try. It’s
a beta release, and some useful advanced features (such as searching)
are planned but not implemented yet. Furthermore, the feed listing
there is by no means complete, it’s for testing only. If your favorite
feeds are not included, tell me or just wait, since I’m considering
adding a form for submitting reader’s choice. Hope you’ll like it.

Suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

  • gnowoel