ANNOUNCE: Hobo 0.4 - The web app builder for Rails

Hi All,

Just letting you all know that I’ve just made the first release of Hobo
(version 0.4, MIT license)

--- Learn more, see the 10 minute screencast
--- and get Hobo at

What is Hobo?

  • Hobo extends Rails is a number of ways, to let you build full
    blown web applications very quickly and easily.

  • Hobo lets you add dynamic Ajax interfaces to your application
    with no extra programming.

  • Hobo gives your application switchable themes, so you can
    have an elegant design right out of the box.

Hobo Features:

  • DRYML, an extension to ERB with user-defined tags

  • A generic controller that eliminates a great deal of your
    controller code

  • A declarative permission system for Active Record

  • Much more

Who is it for?

  • Hobo can speed up the creation of rich, complex web
    applications as well as simple internal apps and rapid

  • Hobo is a great way for newcomers to Ruby on Rails to learn
    and practice agile, iterative application development.


  • Tom L.