ANNOUNCE: Fantasdic 1.0-beta4 released


I’ve just released Fantasdic 1.0-beta4.

Fantasdic is a DICT client (RFC 2229). This is a dictionary
application which uses the network to retrieve definitions. For
example, is a server that provides Japanese
dictionaries. Add it to the settings in Fantasdic and voilà, you can
now look up Japanese words using Fantasdic. Another well-known server
with tons of dictionaries is

Fantasdic is primarily targetting the GNOME desktop but it should work
with other platforms, including Windows. Fantasdic is Free Software.

What’s new with this release?

  • Print support.

  • New match dialog.

  • New history dialog.

  • Can choose fonts in the preferences.

  • Zoom+, Zomm-, Zoom normal buttons.

  • New “Zoom over character” dialog.

  • Better handling of connections and cache.

  • Better support of authentication.

  • SOCKS 5 Proxy support.

  • New application icon.

  • Various bug fixes.

  • Better MS Windows support and easy to install archive.

  • French translation updated (Mathieu B.).

  • Brazilian Portuguese translation updated (Alexandre Cavedon).

  • Swedish translation updated (Daniel Nylander).

  • Occitan translation updated partially (Yannig Marchegay).

[123 KB]
Bundle for Windows:
[15.5 MB]

Mathieu B.



i like open source , i like freeware.

2007/9/9, Mathieu B. [email protected]: