Annotate (aka annotate_models) 2.5.0 released

At long last, a new release of the venerable annotate (aka
annotate_models) gem! Documents your database schema right inside your
ActiveRecord model file.

Too many bug fixes and new options to mention. Highlights include:

  • able to annotate lots of stuff, including models, routes.rb,
    fixtures, and FactoryGirl/Machinist/Fabrication/ObjectDaddy factories

  • ‘rails g annotate_models:install’ to annotate after every ‘rake
    db:migrate’ – with a config file
    (lib/tasks/auto_annotate_models.rake) to tailor your preferred options

  • -*- SkipSchemaAnnotations directive to skip annotations for a

particular file

And!!! The default position is now back to --before … like before :slight_smile: