[ANN] zena 0.15.0 release

First public release for zena, the CMS with super natural powers !

zena is a Ruby on Rails CMS with a focus on usability, ease of
customization and web 2.0 goodness.

More information on this release: http://bit.ly/1CR0lW

Please note that this release is not a 1.0 (end of beta) because we are
going to make some heavy changes to the templating language (zafu).



  • 5 major enhancements:

    • running rails 2.3.4
    • installable as gem without RMagick
    • usable as gem with config.gem
    • supports sqlite3
    • ‘zena’ command to create app
  • 3 minor enhancemnts:

    • huge speed improvement in version loading
    • massive code cleanup
    • better team workflow (reworked access rights)