ANN: [Yet Another ] AJAXy Petstore

Hi all,

It’s obvious (isn’t it?) that the world needed another Petstore.If
it’s not, then let’s just say that for some esoteric reasons (to do
with training and the JRuby project), some people in ThoughtWorks
decided to create one, anyway. With rounded corners, gradient fills,
autocompletion search, yellow fade effect and sundry Web 2.0
features… but no tag cloud! :slight_smile:

So, here is the demo:
And here is the code:

It’s work in progress, especially the ratings/comments stuff and the
checkout flow. Still, looks more 2007 than the J2EE Blueprints classic
that started the genre :slight_smile:

Enjoy your oinpet shopping experience.

Alexey V.
CruiseControl.rb []
RubyWorks []

Hi Alexey,

Looks great. What are you using for the five-star rating (images and
code)? I need to add a similar feature to my site this week.

Thanks much,

P.S. Maybe I’ll see you at the CRUsers meeting this evening.