[ANN] yamltest 0.5.0 Released


This is the first release for yamltest, freshly extracted from zena, a
rails CMS (http://zenadmin.org).


yamltest is a simple helper to write parts of your unit tests using
yaml. For a real world example of such tests, please have a look at zafu
parser (currently in zena but soon as a separate gem too) :

Basically yamltest writes tests for you. You define them in a YAML file:

src: “london”
res: “London”

You can also use a context that will be passed to your “yt_parse”
method. Or format your different result keys (‘sql’, ‘res’, ‘tem’,
whatever) as a regular expression:

src: “<%= show_node %>”
tem: “/node/”

current site: http://github.com/zena/yamltest/tree

install: sudo gem install yamltest


yamltest 0.5.0 2009-01-21

  • 1 major improvement