[ANN] WSO2 Web Services Framework for Ruby 1.0.0 Released

WSO2 Web Services Framework for Ruby 1.0.0 Released

WSO2 WSF/Ruby team is pleased to announce the release of WSO2 WSF/Ruby

WSF/Ruby is the Ruby language extension to WSO2 WSF/C. This version
enables you to consume/provide Web Services both with REST and with
power of WS-* stack including WS-Reliable Messaging, WS-Security,
WS-Addressing and MTOM Attachments.

For more information, please visit our project home page,

You can download this release from:

Key Features

  1. Client API to consume Web services
    * WSMessage class to handle message level options
    * WSClient class with both one way and two way service
    invocation support
  2. Service API to provide Web services
    * WSMessage class to handle message level options
    * WSService class with support for both one way and two way
  3. Attachments with MTOM
    * Binary optimized
    * Non-optimized (Base64 encoded)
  4. WS-Addressing
    * Version 1.0
    * Submission
  5. WS-Security
    * UsernameToken and Timestamp
    * Encryption
    * Signing
    * WS-SecurityPolicy based configuration
  6. WS-Reliable Messaging
    * Single channel two way reliable messaging
  7. REST Support
    * Expose a single service script both as SOAP and REST

Major Changes Since Last Release

  1. Support for the following specifications on provider side
    * REST
    * WS-Security (with Rampart)
    * WS-Policy
    * WS-SecurityPolicy


  1. The provider implementation uses Rails framework as the
    model. Therefore in order to use provider implementation, you should
    have Rails installed on your machine. Please visit
    http://www.rubyonrails.org/ to find out more about RoR(Ruby on Rails).

Reporting Problems

Issues can be reported using the public JIRA available at:

Contact Us

Please subscribe to our user or developer mailing lists. For details
how to subscribe please visit: http://wso2.org/projects/wsf/ruby#mail

Thank you for your interest in WSO2 WSF/Ruby.

  • WSO2 WSF/Ruby Team

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