[ANN] WiceGrid Plugin version 0.3

Hello all,

WiceGrid Plugin version 0.3 is released.

WiceGrid is a Rails plugin which does all dummy work for you when you
to render a table with:

  • paging
  • sortable columns
  • filtering by multiple columns
  • CSV export
  • saving queries (considered experimental as of version 0.3)

Filters are added automatically according to the type of the underlying
column, or can be customized. Filtering by more than one column at the
time is possible. More than one such grid can appear on a page, and
manipulations with one grid do not have any impact on the other.

Homepage & screenshots: http://redmine.wice.eu/wiki/wice-grid
API: http://redmine.wice.eu/api/wice_grid/index.html
Migration from 0.2 to 0.3:

Best regards,
Yuri L.