[ANN] whatstheplan.com - a better way to plan events online

Yet another Rails launch announcement! We love rails and the latest
thing we’ve put together is whatstheplan.com, a better way to plan
events online. It’s a clean, elegant solution for organizing stuff
with your friends. It integrates with Google local search, maps,
calendar and sends useful and informative messages to your buddies.
You can also collect payments up front with Paypal if you need to do
things like book a conference room or sailboat.

Check it out and let us know what you think:



rhombus technologies, inc.

Hi, I have attempted to signup but I was unable to login with my
credentails. Also, does the application send a welcome e-mail when
one registers?



On Sun, Apr 01, 2007 at 10:44:13PM -0700, Conrad T. wrote :

Also, does the application send a welcome e-mail when
one registers?

Think so. See the flash[:notice]:

Thanks for signing up! Welcome to whatstheplan.com. Please click the
link in your email to activate your account.

| Pierre-Alexandre M. |
| email : [email protected] |

I was able to sign up and login but a couple of things were a problem:

  1. The browse tab is broken and show the error page
  2. You email me my password in clear text, though that seems to be
    very common albeit a bad idea.


  • The welcome e-mail message where I had to confirm my email address
    was blocked by the spam filter in my gmail account… I guess this is
    going to happen for a lot of people. Should be fixed somehow.

  • When at the front page it shows the signup box although I am logged
    in. Maybe an idea to hide it when users are logged in?

  • Cool that you can subscribe to upcoming events using iCal or other
    apps that support the iCalendar format!

  • in the “about USERNAME” box on the right side of the profile page
    you display all the different questions like “what are your favorite
    joints around town” although I haven’t answered them. Maybe you could
    remove the ones that haven’t been filled out by the user? Cleans up
    the layout.

  • as somebody else said: the browse section doesn’t work. Just get an

  • really cool that you can write things like “next tuesday” in the
    when field when creating new events! But it might still need some
    work. I tried “monday in a month” and the event was added as if I had
    written next monday…

  • support for other currencies than $?

  • when selecting timezone in the profile it is somewhat irritating
    that you have added the most used at the top. I couldn’t just skip to
    my town by typing the first letters. Secondly even though you hadn’t
    added the “Most used” places at the top I still wouldn’t have been
    able to jump directly to my city as they are written like “continent -
    city”. Third: Zürich is written with ü. You have added it as Zurich.
    Wouldn’t it be cool with some ajax-autocomplete timezone text-field?
    Or you could have the different options in the list added as "COUNTRY

  • CITY" or “CITY - COUNTRY” or something like that? Or you could have
    a select like you have now where you preselect the city that the you
    think the user is in based on the IP or something…

Take care!

Best regards

Hi, I never received this welcome e-mail eventhoug it displays the
message when one registers.