[ANN] Want To Listen To Chad Fowler's Keynote Presentation?


Chad F. gave two keynote presentations at CUSEC 2006 in January.
The second one he gave was entitled “Rails is Boring and Ruby is a
Toy” and is available through the SOENlive podcast. For those
handful who might of not heard of Chad F. yet, he is the author
of “Rails Recipes” which is presently available as a beta book.
(Great book, you should get it out)

Check out SOENlive’s website at http://www.soenlive.com and listen to
his great presentation. If you want to hear Chad F.'s other
keynote, Kathy Sierra’s keynote (Creating Passionate Users) and other
great presentations given by world class software engineers subscribe
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Keep on Railing (can you even say that LOL!),

John K.

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