ANN: Visual Ruby 3 Released!

Hi Y’all:

I’ve been working on upgrading visualruby to gtk3. It’s now available!
Just go to:

The good news is that glade, gtk3 and visualruby are all more mature
now, and the install has worked perfectly for me in Linux and Windows.
I don’t own a Mac, so please let me know how that goes.

The best way to see what it offers is to use the examples. Just click
on “Open Project”, and select one. I’ve added several new examples
recently including a filetreeview example for the latest
VR::FileTreeView class.

Also, there is a great new alert box that has save me hundreds of lines
of code. I don’t ever use any gtk dialogs anymore. the alert box is so
easy to use, and its only one line of code, and can return “yes”, “no”,
“cancel”, or a string from the user. There is an example project named
“alert_box” that you can play with.

Let me know how it goes,

The latest version is also on github: “visualruby”