[ANN] vim-rails package for Ubuntu/Debian


In my continuing quest for productivity and an easy life, I’ve put
together a .deb package of vim-scripts that change vim from merely the
world’s greatest editor into a powerhouse for Rails development.

But more importantly than that I’ve got it into the Ubuntu
distribution (yeah!). So you’ll be able to do

sudo apt-get install vim-rails

and you’re good to go.

Or at least you will be able to once Gutsy is released and you
upgrade… :slight_smile:

Until then it is a little bit more fiddly - see

The package is based around Tim Pope’s stunning vim-rails script,
along with a bunch of other scripts that provide additional

  • surround and allml scripts which are used by vim-rails.
  • The project script to give you a explorer window to select your
  • The dbext script which gives you direct access to the database
  • The SimpleFold script so that you can fold your methods and classes
    with ease (using \f)
  • The SuperTab script so that completion works like it does under

also includes

  • HAML syntax highlighting.
  • And a couple of colour styles (vibrantink, vividchalk) that emulate
    the colour scheme of a well known MacOs Rails Editor.

Try it out and see what you think. If you find a problem with it, or
have a suggestion for enhancement then let me know - preferably by
filing a bug on Launchpad here: