[ANN] vim 7 ruby omni-complete 0.7

It’s happened again, I’ve got a piping hot new version of rubycomplete

If you missed the original announcement, rubycomplete provides a vim7
omni-completion function (code completion) for vim. It is based on
complete.rb, pycomplete.vim and ccomplete.vim. Any input is welcome.

I’ve joined up with the vim-ruby team, so you’ll find rubycomplete.vim
in cvs at
http://vim-ruby.rubyforge.org in addition to my site (listed below)
which will only carry my full

Whats New:

  • Bug fixes

  • Much improved handling of syntax problems in code

  • Rails views are now supported

  • Inclusion of rails helpers where possible/necessary

  • Kernel/system methods are now included in completions

  • In-buffer modules are now completed

  • Improved error handling


  • prototype display?
  • faster rails framework loading
  • camping support
  • nitro+og support
  • html completion in views
  • completion for singletons


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