[ANN] Validation Extension

Just got my Validator Extension polished enough to release:

What It Does:
It adds a button to your edit-page pages to allow the user to validate
their markup via the W3C’s (X)HTML Validator. A report of the results
is shown in a separate window. Also, if your db supports transaction
roll-backs, it’ll even validate the current markup in the page (without
having to save first). If your db doesn’t - I’m pretty sure it’ll
validate something… but I have no idea what.

What It Doesn’t Do:
It’s only HTML for now (though I’ll add CSS validation in short order)
and it isn’t smart enough to prevent you from, say, submitting your
javascript page for HTML validation.

Other Future Plans:
Since I have to render the current page to validate it, I’ll probably
add a page preview button in there too to take over the role of Sean’s
preview extension (if that’s cool with you Sean). I also plan to add
link checking in a near release.

For more info and plans, see the README file.

This is an early release but functional. I’d love any feedback
(especially if it’s in denominations of $50 or $100 :wink: ).

-Chris P.