[ANN] using jetty for rails3 development: ruby-maven gem


actually it is wrapped polyglot maven which can take a Gemfile as POM.
it is based on maven3 and the latest jruby-maven-plugins. the rest is
just getting a nice config in place to run rails3 with jetty using the
jetty-maven-plugin and other plugins.


$ jruby -S gem install --pre ruby-maven

using jetty:

go into your rails3 application directory and execute:

$ jetty-run

and it should start up jetty in development mode. it will create a few
files inside the “src” directory as well “Gemfile.pom”. the latter is
only there to avoid to generate it again and again.

there are some more options to the command

$ jetty-run --help

there is more to that gem but consider it experimental.

regards Kristian