[ANN] Typo 6.1.3 and a new Website


Good evening,

Yesterday, we have deployed Typo 6.1.3 in the wild. This is a bugfix
only release, and we hope it to be the latest before Typo 6.2. If you’re
running Typo < 6.1.2, then you must upgrade as it fixes a critical
security vulnerability in Ruby on Rails. If you’re running Typo 6.1.2,
you should also upgrade.

You can download the latest Typo version at

We have also done an effort of documentation lately, moving our
available documentation to a new http://typosphere.org web site.

You can read a short changelog on our blog:

Have a great wek-end while we start coding on a new version.
Fred / Matijs / Yannick / Thomas