[ANN] Typo 5.5 for Rails 2.3.8


On July 22th, 2010, Typo version 5.5 named for famous photographer
Richard Avedon was released to the public. Coming with a new admin and
setup, Typo 5.5 runs on Rails 2.3.8.

Being around since March 2005, Typo is (probably) the oldest blogging
platform in Rails. It has a full set of feature you would expect from
such an engine, powerful SEO capabilities and full themes and plugin
extension. It is available at http://wiki.github.com/fdv/typo/ as a
gem or source tarball.


We have extended our plugin API to provide plugin management within
your blog administration. This is a first step on the way to a full
plugin API.

Typo now comes with a new cache system, way simpler than the database
based cache we used to do. Files are stored into public/cache and Typo
knows how to served cached file. You may need to update your
configuration, please read doc/CACHE.SETUP.README

Being a long time wanted feature, Typo now handles password protected

Typo visual editor had no way to upload, browse, and use images.
Thanks to htty, we now have a very nice resource browser CKEditor

For more information on Typo 5.5, please read the CHANGELOG file.

As usual, we want to thank the Typo community, and in particular, by
reverse patch order: Daniel Schweighoefer, htty, Yannick
Francois,Szymon ‘jeznet’ Jeż, Diego Elio ‘Flameeyes’ Pettenò,
Kristopher Murata and Michael Reinsch.


Frédéric de Villamil
“What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is still unsettled” – Go player
[email protected] tel: +33 (0)6 62 19
http://t37.net Typo : http://typosphere.org

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