[ANN] Two new extensions and site launch

So once again I made an assets management extension. This time, I
based it on Rick Olsen’s Attachment-fu, which means we can use
mini_magick or rmagick. I have yet to get the image_science to work
reliably, but the parts are there and if anyone is interested, do
givie it a try.

Beyond that, I have also added tagging, because I have almost 100
images already and needed to keep them organized. This way makes for
a very flexible and informal way to manage your assets.
Unfortunately, I haven’t started working on the non-image assets yet,
but it is set up to add that.

As long I had to build a tagging system, I figured I would add this
to the Page model as well. That was easy, the only hitch was the
virtual page display system, which was a bit trickier. In the end, I
stole some ideas from the original patch, made long ago for Verson 42
(!). I have a similar system for the galleries and will later expand
that to virtual pages for each individual image.

The Asset Display Page provides a few specialized tags and will
automatically use the page slug as a tag. You can see an example of
this on my web page, but basically, you can call all images
associated with a tag like this:

<r:image size=“thumbnail” />

The tag is automatically generated from the page Slug, i.e. if the
page is called “Travel”, the the tag called would be “travel”.

There are bunch of tags to play with including links, captions and urls.

I would love to have any feedback you can provide. Please give it a try.


And the svn is available here:


And finally, this is a small new site I made for myself. The old one
was getting stale and as it was based on Textpattern, I never played
with it. My interests have moved on to Ruby…!

Keith B.
Tel: +49-7731-79838380
[email protected]