[ANN] TrustCommerce Subscription plugin

E-commerce railers,

There have been many questions on this list by myself and others about
how to handle storing customer credit card information in a secure
way. This normally is a requirement of web apps that bill on a
subscription basis (ex. Basecamp).

I recently had to tackle this problem and chose to use a payment
gateway named TrustCommerce (http://www.trustcommerce.com). They have
a product named Citadel (Integrated Payment Solutions | Secure Payment Processing)
that allows you to store customer credit card information securely on
their servers and then bill that customer monthly, quartery, etc. You
can create customer profiles through their website or API.

I wrote the TrustCommerce subscription plugin as a simple interface to
create, edit, delete, and query subscriptions using the TrustCommerce
Citadel API.

You can get the plugin here:

You can read about it here:

The plugin is currently being used in production here:

I hope this can be of use to others.

Any feedback is appreciated.

– Zack C.


Thanks! This will be really helpful in a project I will be working on

Thanks again,

Adrian M.

On 10/30/06, Zack C. [email protected] wrote:

a product named Citadel (Integrated Payment Solutions | Secure Payment Processing)

– Zack C.

Adrian Esteban Madrid