[ANN] TMail 1.2.7

Hello all,

Even though I am going full speed ahead with the Mail gem, TMail still
has a large installed base and I am still accepting patches / updates
/ fixes at GitHub - mikel/tmail: TMail is a Ruby Email Handler.

Today I just released Gem version 1.2.7.

This is a minor maintenance fix that handles an insidious encoding /
decoding bug that was causing non-ascii filenames in attachments to be
double “dequoted” causing invalid output.

This is a recommended upgrade and does not change any API from 1.2.6.

Rails 2.3.x users can update their vendor’d version of TMail to
version 1.2.7 by running gem update tmail, earlier versions of Rails
will need to upgrade.

As always, please send in bug reports or patches.