[ANN] TheTyper (a simple web text editor)

hi, i just wanted to let you know of the new application i have opened
to the public: TheTyper (needless to say that it’s built on Rails and
Scriptaculous !)

Its purpose is to capture the essential spirit of writing and distill
it in a web application. You can access your documents from any
browser and they are automatically saved and you can spell check them.

The interface is built around a style-able writing area covering most
of the page with the exception of a small menu which can be collapsed
to remove most of the extraneous elements from the page (its best used
with the browser in full page mode!).

Have a look at it: http://thetyper.com (there’s a screencast on the
home page if you don’t want to register).

I’d like to know what you think of it!

Thanks (the rails list have been a huge support while i was learning
it about a year ago!).

Luca M.

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