[ANN] The Soup - new rails community resource


Greetings all,

I am pleased to announced The Soup - http://the-soup.net/ - a tasty
new resource for the Rails Community.

Are you a Talented person that is looking for new and interesting
projects to work on? Are you a Project Sponsor that is looking to
build quality relationships in anticipation of your next hiring cycle?

Inspired by the story of The Stone Soup, The Soup provides a way for
Talented people to work on great Projects with the benefit of
developing long-term trusting relationships.

Much more than jobs, The Soup helps build healthy relationships
Would you place a job ad or hire a recruiter if you had positive
experiences with talented people that could do the job? In the same
way that marriage preceded by dating[1] likely increases a positive
outcome, The Soup provides a tool for Talented people and Projects to
work on bite sized projects – getting to know each other before
committing to a long term work arrangement.

Here’s how it works; You, a Talented Person, who’s looking for work
or interesting projects:
1.List your skills[3], Bio and other helpful info
2.We’ll match your skills, and notify you about Project matches on
your ‘Possible Work’ Feed;
3.Apply for projects that look interesting;
4.Once accepted by the Project Sponsor, start doing the work;
5.Complete the project and bask in the glory of having made a
positive impression and a new potential work relationship.

And you, Project Sponsor looking to expand your pool of talent:

  1. List your Bio and other helpful info to help attract Talent;
  2. Carve out a small part of a project, and place a free ad on The Soup;
  3. Wait for the applications to roll in on your ‘Projects’ Feed;
  4. Choose 1 or more Talented People to do the work;
  5. Receive the finished work and an expanded pool of Talented People.

Talented People get experience and possible leads on future work
opportunities, and Project Sponsors build a talent pool for a future
hiring cycle. Mmmm good!

As a final note, when you sign up be sure to list your favorite blogs
in your profile, and subscribe to a single feed that includes
everybody’s favorites. Now that’s tasty.

I hope you enjoy The Soup. I’ve worked hard to provide a resource I
believe the community can benefit from. I hope you enjoy The Soup.

The nNovation Group, inc.

P.S. We’re in early beta (technology beta, not Google[2] beta), so
please help out by filing bug reports and feature requests in the
discussion forum.
[1] cultural bias?
[2] All Trademarks mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.
[3] Skills includes technology, creative, infrastructure, business,
plus services you might provide such as hosting.