[ANN] the.meet.mkt - a market-based online dating system

Hey guys, just a short note about a new experimental online dating
site that we just launched at:


It’s basically a market-based system in which a girl sets a fixed
number of messages that she wants to receive every few days. Guys
then bid on those slots. We run an auction to figure out who’d be the
best messages to send her.

We are giving away message credits while we build up enough profiles
for the system to work properly (we are shooting for around eight
thousand). If you sign up now you get about 2500 of them and it goes
down exponentially as we get more signups. When we get enough
profiles we launch and you can start to bid for the girl of your

Please check it out, sign up for some free credits and let us know
what you think of the idea.


[email protected]