[ANN] TextMate Backtracer v.1.1


== Announcement ==

== Changes ==
The textmate backtracer plugin, with the insight of Jonathan W.,
now detects whether or not the server is a Mac system. With this
additional check, it’s less likely that non-Mac users will be
troubled by the plugin.

== What is it? ==
Whenever a Rails exception occurs, it spits out a backtrace full of
filenames and line numbers. Iâ??ve often thought, â??Wouldnâ??t it be nice
if I could just click on one of those and it would take me to the
problem?â? Well, it is niceâ??and you can use this new plugin with
TextMate too, if youâ??d like.

The textmate_backtracer plugin will make each of the backtrace lines
clickable in your browser. Iâ??ve tested this with FireFox and Safari.
Itâ??s not a debugger, but it makes life easier.

== Download ==


P.S. If you’re interested in this plugin, and haven’t seen the other
announcement, check out the “syncPeople on Rails Bundle” for TextMate
as well.


Duane J.