[ANN] Textile Editor Helper v0.2

The Textile Editor Helper (TEH) is a Javascript-based text formatting
toolbar that will be added to all of your text areas that utilize the
TEH feature. TEH was developed to provide a more WYSIWYG-ish option
for users of our Rails CMS called slate while still letting us use

= So what’s new v0.2?

TEH has been:

  • refactored (though this should be transparent)
  • restyled (again, should be transparent)
  • re… well, TEH now offers the ability to create custom buttons so
    a developer can more easily add custom functionality.

For directions see:

To see how we used the new functionality check out:

= What’s still missing?

We are currently not offering a method to include links or images via
the toolbar. We’re closer to offering a solution for this (see
the new content editor). Just need to find a little more time.

= Want to use a demo of TEH?

Check out our demo at:

= Interested? Want to get it?

Learn more at:

Let us know what you think.

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