[ANN] TextAreaWithStatus 1.0 released

TextAreaWithStatus 1.0 has been released


== Overview ==

This plugin is extending builtin text_area and text_area_tag helpers
with the ability to display chars left up to a specified limit.

Basically it turns this:

<%= f.text_area :description, :onkeyup => "limit_chars(this, 100, $

(‘chars_left’))" %>

<span id="chars_left">You have <%= 100 -

@object.description.length %> characters left.

into this:

<%= f.text_area :description, :max_chars => 100 %>

You can also customize the status message.

== Install & Setup ==

You can install it with:

script/plugin install 


Upon install it will try to copy the needed .js file under public/
javascripts folder and display the README. If that fails you can
either try to manually run the install script like this:

ruby vendor/plugins/text_area_with_status/install.rb

or just manually copy the needed .js file. Please see the included
README for more detailed instructions.

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