[ANN] test-unit-must 0.0.1

test-unit-must - Selfish “must” assertions for Test::Unit


What is it?

test-unit-must is a set of assertions for Test::Unit that
treat the receiver of an assertion method call as the
subject of the assertion. In other words, these are
MiniTest::Spec-style assertions, but their names only begin
with “must_” or “must_not_”; there is no “wont_” or
“refute_” prefix.



test-unit-must was designed for Test::Unit 2.2.0. However,
I found that it works just as well with the MiniTest
library bundled in Ruby 1.9.2! :slight_smile: In addition, it politely
accommodates Rails 3’s ActiveSupport extensions to



As a Ruby gem:

gem install test-unit-must

As a Git clone:

git clone git://github.com/sunaku/test-unit-must



Load the library somewhere in your test suite, such as in
your test helper:

require ‘test/unit/must’

In your test methods, call must_* methods on any Ruby
object you like:

class ExampleTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
def test_example
ary = (1…10).to_a

assert_not_empty ary

ary.length.must_equal 10
assert_equal 10, ary.length

ary.must_not_equal []
assert_not_equal [], ary

ary.first.must_equal 1
assert_equal 1, ary.first

(ary[1] * 5).must_equal ary.length
assert_equal ary.length, (ary[1] * 5)

# and so on ...


Note that you can still use traditional Test::Unit
assertions freely.



Here is the mapping from test-unit-must assertions to
Test::Unit assertions.

def must_alias_method alias_name, original_name, message=nil
assert_alias_method self, alias_name, original_name, message

def must_be_boolean message=nil
assert_boolean self, message

def must_compare operator, expected, message=nil
assert_compare expected, operator, self, message

def must_define_constant constant_name, message=nil
assert_const_defined self, constant_name, message

def must_not_define_constant constant_name, message=nil
assert_not_const_defined self, constant_name, message

def must_be_empty message=nil
assert_empty self, message

def must_not_be_empty message=nil
assert_not_empty self, message

def must_equal expected, message=nil
assert_equal expected, self, message

def must_not_equal expected, message=nil
assert_not_equal expected, self, message

def must_be_false message=nil
assert_false self, message

def must_be_in_delta expected_float, delta=0.001, message=nil
assert_in_delta expected_float, self, delta, message

def must_not_be_in_delta expected_float, delta=0.001, message=nil
assert_not_in_delta expected_float, self, delta, message

def must_be_in_epsilon expected_float, epsilon=0.001, message=nil
assert_in_epsilon expected_float, self, epsilon, message

def must_not_be_in_epsilon expected_float, epsilon=0.001, message=nil
assert_not_in_epsilon expected_float, self, epsilon, message

def must_include member, message=nil
assert_include self, member, message

def must_not_include member, message=nil
assert_not_include self, member, message

def must_be_instance_of klass, message=nil
assert_instance_of klass, self, message

def must_be_kind_of klass, message=nil
assert_kind_of klass, self, message

def must_match pattern, message=nil
assert_match pattern, self, message

def must_not_match pattern, message=nil
assert_not_match pattern, self, message

def must_be_nil message=nil
assert_nil self, message

def must_not_be_nil message=nil
assert_not_nil self, message

def must_operate operator, argument, message=nil
assert_operator self, operator, argument, message

def must_raise *arguments
assert_raise *arguments, &self

def must_raise_kind_of *arguments
assert_raise_kind_of *arguments, &self

def must_raise_message expected, message=nil
assert_raise_message expected, message, &self

def must_raise_nothing *arguments
assert_nothing_raised *arguments, &self

def must_be expected, message=nil
assert_same expected, self, message

def must_not_be expected, message=nil
assert_not_same expected, self, message

def must_receive send_array, message=nil
assert_send [self] + send_array, message

def must_not_receive send_array, message=nil
assert_not_send [self] + send_array, message

def must_respond_to method, message=nil
assert_respond_to self, method, message

def must_not_respond_to method, message=nil
assert_not_respond_to self, method, message

def must_throw expected_object, message=nil
assert_throw expected_object, message, &self

def must_throw_nothing *arguments
assert_nothing_thrown *arguments, &self

def must_be_true message=nil
assert_true self, message



Released under the ISC license.
See the lib/test/unit/must.rb file.

I just released version 0.0.2 containing a performance fix:

  • Define missing negative versions of positive assertion

    Do not use method_missing() because when we previously defined
    it in the Test::Unit::Must::Assertions module and included
    that into the global Object class, every missing method
    anywhere in Ruby was being handled by our method_missing()
    handler!!! This made test execution very slow.

    Thanks to Wilson Freitas for suggesting that I use “profile”
    standard library to find out what was slowing down my “must”

Vim syntax highlighting is now available for
assertions in test-unit-must 0.0.2 here:



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