[ANN] test-loop 5.0.3

test-loop - Continuous testing for Ruby with fork/eval
5.0.3 https://github.com/sunaku/test-loop#readme

What is it?

test-loop is a fast continuous testing tool for Ruby that automatically
detects and tests changes in your application in an efficient manner:

  1. Absorbs the test execution overhead into the main Ruby process.
  2. Forks to run your test files without overhead and in parallel.
  3. Avoids running unchanged test blocks inside changed test files.

What is new?

Version 5.0.3 (2011-01-25)

  • Use “diff/lcs” library instead of “diff” for RSpec compatibility.

    Thanks to millisami for reporting this bug:

  • Terminate worker processes when user presses Control-C.

  • Reabsorb when bundler is run, not when Gemfile changes.

Version 5.0.2 (2011-01-19)

  • Support string interpolations that yield empty strings in test names.

  • Accept extra characters before test name in test definition:

    • Whitespace between def and test_ in traditional test methods.
    • Opening parenthesis between test name and test definition keyword.
  • Mention that diff gem is necessary for manual git clone installation.

Version 5.0.1 (2011-01-18)

  • Sanitize string interpolation in parsed test names.

  • Remove useless use of #map; result is not reused.

  • Mention parallelism and revise the introduction.

  • DRY the mentioning of .test-loop file in README.

Happy testing!

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