ANN: Swiftcore Analogger; fast asynchronous logging

I’m announcing the first public release of the Swiftcore Analogger, a
asynchronous logging service and client library for Ruby.

  • You have a high performance Ruby application that needs an equally
    performance logging solution?

  • You run a web application across a cluster of processes, and want to
    collect all of your application logs in a single location?

  • You have a collection of system administration scripts, and would
    to manage their logs in a comprehensive, central way?

  • You want to record events to a file for postprocessing later?

The Swiftcore Analogger was designed with you in mind. It implements a
fast, flexible asynchronous logging system for Ruby programs as well as
client library for sending logging messages to the Analogger process.

Analogger will accept logs from multiple sources and can have multiple
logging destinations. Currently, logging to files, to STDOUT, or to
is supported. A future revision may support logging to a database
destination, as well.

Analogger depends on EventMachine
( to provide the framework
the network communications, though EM is not used for the client

Kirk H.