[ANN] Substruct 0.7 now here!


I’ve just pushed the latest version of Substruct, everyone’s favorite
CMS/E-commerce project out the door.

http://dev.subimage.com/projects/substruct/ is the home page if you’re
unfamiliar with it.

The release is available here:

And install instructions here:

Substruct Version Changelog and Update Notes

Version 0.7

- Role Based Access Control

- Updated to Rails 1.1.2 - now included in the vendor directory
- New authority data for FedEx, be sure to reload authority data!
- Live content preview while editing CMS data

- Content URLs now auto-clean before validation (Ticket #22)
- Estimation of international FedEx packages.
- Including the shipping gem as a library now.
- Bug on new product creation where tags weren’t being saved
- Bug where it was impossible to clear all tags from a product once
- Adding multiple items to the cart object. Before it was only
adding 1
at a time.

Upgrade steps:
0. rake db:migrate:engines:substruct

1. rake load_authority_data
 !!! WARNING !!!
 This could overwrite your admin user! All that's needed is to
 update the shipping tables, so you could possibly extract those
 records by themselves and insert by hand.

 Yes, I know it should have probably been a migration...sorry.

2. Create an application specific application.rb file.
     It's contents should look like this:

            class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
              include SubstructApplicationController

 This makes sure that everything is loaded properly. Newer versions 

Rails were causing issues with loading the application controller
the engines directory.


Also be on the lookout for 0.71 which will include 2 store view options

the AJAX’d one, and a flat version that allows input of item quantity
adding, with live updated total.

It’s already done, just figuring out how best to include it in the