[ANN] Styles 'n Scripts v0.5

Some new features, refactoring, and bug squishing. Latest version can
be found at:

For those with inquiring minds, the changes (taken from HISTORY) are:

Lots of improvements here. Some new features some just refactoring.

Added Shards to the edit view so now this extension can be extended
(watch for SnS extension extensions to come soon).

Added support for filters. The only real one planned is Sass for the
CSS files but, the way I did it, it’s pretty extensible (based on how
Radiant handles page content filters). Did I mention that there were
some SnS extension extensions coming soon…

Changed the way stylesheet and javascript urls were routed and evaluated
(now its a before_filter hooked into SiteController’s show_page method).
This has the added bonus of allowing the stylesheet and javascript
directories to be changed during runtime (see next point).

Configurations are now handled differently. Rather than setting them
once at load-time, they are changed dynamically via Rake tasks. The
only exception is the caching directory – you really don’t want to do
that one dynamcially – so it’s been pulled out of the config and made a

Caching is more better. No more caching the whole url path – just the
file, thank you. This makes it possible to change the directory name
on the fly.

Bug fixes:

  • Added a ‘url’ definition (just “”) to the extension to fix an issue
    with a change in Radiant 0.6.7 behavior (I really shoulda done that
    all along).

  • Corrected an issue where this extension is included as part of a new
    Radiant install. The RAKE db:bootstrap task would initialize the
    extension which would then try to write the default settings to a
    not-yet-existing config table.