[ANN] stompserver 0.9.8 Released


stompserver version 0.9.8 has been released!

Stomp messaging server with file/dbm/memory/activerecord based FIFO
queues, queue monitoring, and basic authentication.


0.9.8 / 16 Aug 2007

  • Several storage backends instead of Madeleine (allow tradeoffs between
    robustness with ActiveRecord and speed with memory with intermediary
    solutions based on file or dbm storages).
  • Better load distribution between clients acknowledging messages after
    processing them.
  • Monitoring support through a dedicated queue.

As I’m currently working on a project where I need distributed
processing, I extended Stompserver to fit my needs. This release is a
partial cleanup and enhancement of a development branch by snacktime.

There’s still some cleanup to do and the dbm backend should be
considered alpha-quality at best. But it worksforme™ and has been
distributing tens of thousands of message since its last restart without
a hitch (with the memory backend).

If you want performance and can afford message loss, use the memory
backend. If you want transactional message processing (messages are
stored in database until a client can process them and reloaded when the
server restarts), you can use the activerecord backend (configuration
details with activerecord migration in the documentation).

Happy message processing,


PS: I can provide a Gentoo ebuild which installs an init.d script and a
default conf file on request (it’s pending more code cleanups before
submission to the distribution).

On edge… I have a straightforward has-many relationship:

has_many :categories

belongs_to :user

…and the expected routing…

map.resources :users, :has_many => :categories
map.resources :categories, :belongs_to => :user

At the point my form is rendered, I have an existing User object and
a new Category object. The code that works for this is:

<% form_for([current_user, @category]) do |f| %>

My questions are:

  • Is this the right way to tell rails to generate the form tag?
  • Is using the array means of passing the parent and child good
    practice or abuse of Rails internals?


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